Karen Berg-Raftakis

What people are saying about Slaughter on Sanibel Island:

"This author has a great talent in writing her fourth mystery book. This book combines Romance, Comedy, and Mystery all rolled up into one....Arianna and Dandelion are great together in whatever they do, they are like two characters who are best friends who have multiple personalities throughout each of the books that Karen has wrote that keeps you engaged throughout the entire novel. I would highly recommend this to anybody who likes a good read." G.M. (Amazon review)

"I enjoyed her first book but I like this one even better! Funny, clever, and a good mystery. Don't miss out on this book!" M.A. (Amazon review)

Feedback on A Dance with Death:

Customer feedback on Murder on the Church Council:

"Good read and humorous!  I laughed out loud several times while reading this. It was clever and fun. I didn't guess whodunit either which makes it all the more better. Great for mystery buffs!" M.A. (Amazon review)

​​​"I finished your book. I think it's the best written so far." J.B. 

Customer Feedback on A Killing Too Close to Home: